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What is a vacuum packing machine?

Vacuum packing is a method of packing and storing sensitive items such as food and electronics in a way that prevents damage via desiccation, humidity or bacteria by sealing in an airtight environment. Methods of packaging that functioned to modify the atmosphere around an item can be tracked back to the 19th century, although our first recorded use of vacuum packing machines was around the time of World War II when air as removed from packages of food to extend the shelf life. After that, the first vacuum packing machines began entering the industrial market in the 1940s with...

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Vacuum Food Sealer Top Tips

Top Tips for using a vacuum food sealer: 1 – Remember that using a vacuum food sealer does not stop food spoiling but just delays the process. For this reason, vacuum sealed foods still need to be stored correctly according to the product. For example, if you have used a vacuum food sealer to store meat it cannot be stored at room temperature without spoiling. Refrigeration or freezing is still necessary although the amount of time that meat will last after storage using a vacuum food sealer is much longer. 2 – During the process of removing the air...

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Food Manufacturer Packaging Machines

The notion of a food machine that can create food or at least fulfil the nutritional requirements of an aeronaut are a principle, albeit little appreciated, element of any complete science fiction universe. Take, for instance, the ‘Synthetic Food Dispenser’ found in John W. Campbell’s 1934 novel ‘Twilight’. This was a food machine that could create any meal desired from synthetic ingredients – thus disposing man of the need to grow vegetables or breed animals. All meals could be synthesised, perfectly, by the food machine itself. Similarly on board the TARDIS in the Doctor Who series, the creatively named...

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Food Machine Foundation

The FoodMachine Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation operating since April 2006 that aims to provide training for their revolutionary aquaponics system capable of sustainably producing a balanced diet of food. The premise of the FoodMachine is simple, yet the potential for improving worldwide malnourishment is massive. The FoodMachine consists of an aquaculture of fish, tilapia in this case, which is connected to a hydroponic bed of edible plants. Normally, aquaculture requires the water to be regularly replaced in order to prevent the accumulation of toxic waste from fish – which can halt growth and cause deaths. However, in...

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Vacuum Packing Machinery

Food Machinery Company supply, service and repair a wide range of food machinery. From table top machines suitable for butcher shops, farm shops and small operations through to industrial sized machines capable of packaging many tonnes of product each day, Food Machinery Company can cater for all sized business operating within the UK. Formally trading as Food Machinery Company and retained the UK agency who has been a market leading manufacturer of vacuum packaging machine. WEBOMATIC have been building vacuum packing machinery since the 1950’s. There are still many older machines still in daily use throughout the UK which shows...

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