Vacuum sealing machines are becoming increasingly popular for use by catering businesses. But why should your company make the move towards vacuum sealing your products?

1 – Vacuum sealing can dramatically extend shelf life

Food spoilage is a big component of any business within the catering industry. When your product is vulnerable to spoilage, transferring your product from the manufacturing or packing site to the customer becomes time sensitive and potentially very costly. Vacuum sealing products can help to reduce these costs by preventing spoilage and extending shelf life and thus reduce the pressure on transportation times by preventing food products from being exposed to bacteria that causes food spoilage. Depending on the food item and the method of storage (refrigeration, freezing etc.), using a vacuum sealing machine can extend the shelf life by up to 5 times.  Where meat and fish typically has a shelf life of a matter of days when stored in a fridge, when vacuum packed meat and fish is stored within a fridge shelf life can be a matter of weeks. For dry foods such as rice and flour vacuum sealing can extend shelf life from weeks to several years. For catering businesses where food spoilage can have such a big impact on profits, extending shelf life with a vacuum packaging machine can prevent waste while allowing your business to turn more of your product into profit.

2 – Reduce the need for preservatives

Often, catering business will choose to extend the shelf life of their products by adding preservatives to their products. This can be a costly option, that can sometimes compromise the taste or quality of their raw product. With social movements that oppose the use of preservatives, a large part of the market can be lost via these methods. Vacuum sealed products, on the other hand, don’t need preservatives to avoid spoilage. Food products that have been vacuum packaged can thus reach the consumer without the taste or quality being affected by preservatives. Businesses that use vacuum packaging machines can enjoy higher profit margins by cutting out the actual and market cost of using preservatives.

3 – Space

When shipping products, space is also a big limiting factor. Packaging your products in a way that saves space can significantly reduce shipping costs. Because vacuum packing machines act to remove air surrounding the food product, a convenient benefit is that vacuum sealed products are more compact. As a consequence of being less bulky, vacuum sealed products are much easier to ship and store, thus transportation costs are lower.

4 – Prevents damage to stock

Product loss, especially of edible items, can also occur via damage during storage or shipping. Pests such as mice, or exposure to moisture or dust can render your products unsafe for human consumption or even just cause superficial damage the packaging that can harm profit margins. Vacuum packaged foods are less vulnerable to such damage by preventing the access of air and moisture. In addition, vacuum sealed food products are less attractive to pests as food odours to not escape the vacuum seal.