Top Tips for using a vacuum food sealer:

1 – Remember that using a vacuum food sealer does not stop food spoiling but just delays the process. For this reason, vacuum sealed foods still need to be stored correctly according to the product. For example, if you have used a vacuum food sealer to store meat it cannot be stored at room temperature without spoiling. Refrigeration or freezing is still necessary although the amount of time that meat will last after storage using a vacuum food sealer is much longer.

2 – During the process of removing the air from a vacuum pouch loose crumbs or liquid can be sucked up into the vacuum food sealer and cause damage to your machine. To prevent damage to your vacuum food sealer you should freeze liquid foods before sealing. With loose products such as flour, you should place a filter such as a coffee filter between the product and the bag to prevent the powder from being sucked up into the vacuum food sealer.

3 – Sharp or rigid foods can puncture the storage bags and prevent the vacuum food sealer from sealing the food properly, potentially causing your food to spoil. To prevent this from happening, you can wrap your foods in clear soft paper towels before sealing with a vacuum food sealer.

4 – Avoiding overfilling your food bags can dramatically increase the life of your vacuum food sealer bags. Although vacuum food sealer bags are reusable, after a number of uses they become distorted and weak and may not provide a complete seal on your food. If you aim to leave several inches free at the top of the bag, not only your vacuum food sealer able to create a better seal but more of the bag remains undistorted, thus keeping it in a better condition for longer.

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