Food Machinery Company supply, service and repair a wide range of food machinery.

From table top machines suitable for butcher shops, farm shops and small operations through to industrial sized machines capable of packaging many tonnes of product each day, Food Machinery Company can cater for all sized business operating within the UK.

Formally trading as Food Machinery Company and retained the UK agency who has been a market leading manufacturer of vacuum packaging machine.

WEBOMATIC have been building vacuum packing machinery since the 1950’s. There are still many older machines still in daily use throughout the UK which shows testament to how well built WEBOMATIC machinery is.

There are many different methods of vacuum packing, the types of machines that WEBOMATIC manufacture are as follows:

  • Vacuum Packers – the most commonly used method of vacuum packaging used throughout the UK because they are extremely versatile
  • Tray Sealers – extremely popular throughout the retail market, greatly improved presentation over vacuum packing
  • Thermoformers – suitable for medium to industrial sized operations. Similar to Tray Sealers however by Thermoforming you are making your own trays which saves you money
  • Dip Tanks – very popular amongst catering butchers and cheese producers. By dipping your vacuum bag in hot water you are improving the presentation of your product
  • Shrink Tunnels – similar to dip tanks just for higher throughput levels, ideal addition to a vacuum packing line
  • Dryer Units –  to complete your vacuum packing line, after shrinking the vacuum bag in hot water the dryer unit dries the product which allows you to pack away in boxes straight away
  • Bag Blowers – by blowing open the neck of the vacuum bag, it makes opening the neck of the vacuum bag easier for the operator, therefore saving time

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